Dembe Sembel ICT

Dembe Sembel ICT

Dembe Sembel ICT & Energy Lease

1. Education and training

LinkedLines is providing IT related trainings to the community with the aim of equipping community members with 21st century IT skills. Recently, the training included:
  • Digital literacy for seven teenagers,
  • IT based language skills for 29 between 8-12 years old kids,
  • Basic Microsoft Office for two adults,
  • A Plus (A+) for 10 youth,
  • Network Plus (Netwrok+) for five youth and adults,
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and related skills for 20 youth and adults.
Such services have not only enlightened the community with the knowledge and skills in the respective areas but also to avoid high amount of transport costs for the families and the community, who used to travel away from their communities to get similar training services down town in Asmara.

2. Energy leasing

In as much families as in Dembe Sembel community, it is not convenient to experience the frequent power outages during afternoon session. Thus families with any particular activities or events used to rent power generators for lighting and other gadgets that require electricity for functioning. Such practices always exposed and are still exposing the community to high costs, noise and air pollution. On the average, about nine HEBCOSS control units are leased for various community and family events. Currently, Global Bridges in association with LinkedLines proposed a modified version of HEBCOSS Development Center to upgrade the technology in ensuring consistencies, outlays and reduce health and environmental hazards. A HEBCOSS Development Center is an ecosystem of solutions and products situated in 300-500 sq. meter area with continuous energy source powered by solar and wind to provide solar powered services to the community such as:
  • Digital library
  • Internet and computer (VDI) services
  • Computer Training
  • Community Workshops
  • Digital services (printing, copying, scanning…)
  • Energy leasing
  • Solar milling
  • Device charging
  • Maintenance (Mobile, Laptop, Tablet and Computers)
  • Water treatment
  • Light
  • Cinema and entertainment
The solution uses solar power as a source of energy, which in turn avoids noise and air pollution but at the same time provides the desired service to the families who use HEBCOSS solutions.

3. Digital services

Digital services such as copying and printing, mobile repair and maintenance, and desktop management services are among the already ongoing services provided by LS to the Dembe Sembel community. Internet service, N-computing technology, content delivery services, and virtual reality services are also among the planned services to be provided to the community.

4. HEBCOSS cinema

The service is HEBCOSS powered education and entertainment sessions. The educational sessions contain relevant information and scholastic content for children and the community members. The entertainment sessions mainly include sports and movies.


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