Social Impact


Off-Grid solar power will reduce Africa’s dependency on crude oil and scarce capital resources that currently serve only a fraction of the continent’s 1.1 billion people. Clean solar power eliminates fuel-based toxins and water borne health issues. It allows sustainable, healthy communities to thrive, and equips children, schools, clinics and households with ample, high-quality lighting, advanced modern eduction, and decreases wasted time and money spent on carbon-based fuel sources. Reduction in Africa’s CO2 emissions will eliminate the consumption of billion litres of kerosine, candles, batteries and diesel oil.The use of more efficient energy technology will ensure business continuity during power outages, and provide powerthe two-thirds of African communities which lack access to electricity altogether. A generation of green-income will rapidly become the region’s primary income-producing activityand in  the process, Africa could develop as one of the world’s most energy conscious societies. 

The energy problem in our world is staggering. To start addressing the issue, we aim to empower 600 women across the Sub-Saharan region by providing opportunities to own one HEBCOSS SB150 and one HEBOCSS CS60 between groups of three women. 

In Eritrea, this model has proved to generate 10,000/mo of local currency per group. This is a substantial income. We are seeking funding through different channels to be able to allocate80 units to Angola and 30 units to Eritrea at a total of 190 units - distributed among 190 women groups of three, with an immedaite postitive impact on 570 women. The section and distribution of the products will be coordinated through a local Women Associations in order to enablecontinuity and sustainability well past the implementation phase. Each group calls for the formation of women teams and committees to oversee and manage the projects throughout its life cycle. This has a ripple effect in creating jobs and will empower not only women and but their communities as well.